Bingaloo media network

Bingaloo is a fun media center with a team of young photographers, recorders, animators and mockers, that never run out of energy. We are positive, smiled and good mood in everyone. 

We live in a world where contact and living with other people are decreasing drastically. Our team tries to connect fun with convenience and in that way, connect and meet people around the world.

With us, everybody is welcome, from young to elderly. Our goal is for people to find others with the same interests and also have fun with us. Our team currently consists of masters of photography and media technicians but don’t find this an obstacle, everybody is welcome. Maybe you will find your purpose, sense and something that makes you happy and pleased. Like they say “never say never, with us everything is possible”. 

Our goal is also to solve the problem of boredness of nowadays children and teenagers, because they would, with the help of our media and social centre, make new friends and also learn a new game that they didn’t know before.

Bingalooers are positive, smiled, enthusiastic, communicative, full of energy and willing to find new knowledge and friendship. Do you find yourself in any of that description? Join us and become a Bingalooer today. Write to us on